NRB CIP Association:

NRB CIP Association, a group of NRBs living in different countries of the world who have been awarded CIP by the GOB for their significant contribution towards inward remittances. It is a completely non-political, non-profit, voluntary social welfare organization.

This organization conducts various developmental and philanthropic activities related to the expatriate Bangladeshis as well as various social welfare activities for the social, educational and cultural development of the backward and backward sections of the society.

Our main goal and objective is to ensure various opportunities for expatriate Bangladeshis in the country and abroad, including in the workplace. In the meantime, NRB CIP Association has provided financial assistance to the expatriate Bangladeshis and their families those who affected by the COVID-19.Through our association, future plans have been made to rehabilitate the expatriate Bangladeshis those who have returned from their workplace, So that in this global epidemic COVID-19 situation their standard of living remains active and normal.

In addition, the NRB CIP Association has taken the initiative to send the bodies of dead expatriate Bangladeshis from the Middle East to the country. Meanwhile, 10 bodies have been brought back to Bangladesh from Oman, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

For the welfare of expatriate Bangladeshis, we are working with the concerned ministries of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh on the following issues:

  • To reconsider the government’s decision to fix the upper limit of investment against bonds at 1 (one) crore.
  • Resumption of free transportation of expatriate bodies by Biman Bangladesh Airlines.
  • Take special measures to repatriate illegal immigrants from Oman and Lebanon.
  • To take special measures to increase manpower export, ensure orderly migration and to take initiative to form committees consisting of Bangladesh Embassy / High Commission / Mission and expatriate representatives in labor market dependent countries for expatriate welfare and service development.
  • Inclusion of a representative of the NRB CIP Association on behalf of the expatriates as a member of the policy-making committees under the various ministries of the government for the welfare and migration of expatriates.